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For an Exercise “Snack,” Try the New Standing 7-Minute Workout

During the pandemic lockdowns, many of us learned the importance of short home workouts.  Take the 7-Day Well Challenge for a new exercise video and more ways to keep moving in 2021.    Read more 

11 Minutes of Exercise a Day May Help Counter the Effects of Sitting

The sweet spot for physical activity and longevity seemed to arrive at about 35 minutes a day of brisk walking or other moderate activities.     Read more 

How Flu Shots Can Help in the Fight against Covid-19

Experts worry that the two diseases could overwhelm the health care system and create a new shortage of hospital beds and personal protective equipment.    Read more 

The Risks of Prescribing Cascade

The problem occurs when drug-induced side effects are viewed as a new ailment and treated with yet another drug that can cause still other side effects.    Read more

Gardening boosts your mood as much as some types of exercise, study finds.

The effects were strongest among people who grew their own vegetables.   Read more

When Can Grandparents meet the Newborn?

With precautions in place you may be able to see -and even hold- the newest addition to your family.    Read more

When Can I see My Grandkids?

The Pandemic has separated many grandparents from their grandchildren.  Here’s advice for safely reuniting your family’s oldest and youngest generations.   Read more

Older and Stuck at Home? Expert Advice on Fitness  

Experts who study exercise and aging offer tips for older adults during the coronavirus lockdown.  Read more

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